A Bright Saturday: Youth Empowerment


On a bright yet drizzly Saturday morning, our team gathered at the bustling Koja stage in Nairobi’s CBD. Our destination was the serene and lush Karura Forest. What awaited us was not just a picnic but a day of camaraderie, planning, and celebration. Dive with us into the highlights of our physical meeting and picnic event—a day that left us inspired and connected.


Convergence and Arrival

At precisely 11:00 a.m., half of our team arrived at Karura Forest. The anticipation was palpable as we stepped into this urban oasis. The rustling leaves and the distant sound of birds welcomed us and soon, the rest of our team joined us, swelling up our numbers. We were ready for a day of purposeful engagement.


Planning in nature

Our meeting began under the dappled shade of ancient trees and a carpet of short, beautiful grass. As we sat around the picnic tables, we quickly delved into meaningful discussions. Dr Sarah Kimaiga, our capable Chief Executive Officer, set the tone. With her warm smile and efficient leadership, she guided us through the day’s agenda.

We focused on planning our strategies and calendar of events for the upcoming months. Our topics spanned diverse areas that focused on Women, Youth, and PWDs Empowerment.

The urgency of Climate Change and Action also weighed on our minds. How could we make a difference? Brilliant ideas flowed freely from the entire team. We brainstormed ways of uplifting marginalized groups, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights protected.

Over time, the calendar of events unfolded like a completed jigsaw puzzle, with each month holding the promise of positive impact. As the sun climbed higher, we wrapped up the corporate discussions.


Capturing Moments

Once official business was concluded, we switched gears and our PR department swung into action like pros. Cameras clicked and videos rolled, capturing candid moments and snippets of laughter, determination, and teamwork. We also posed for photographs, our smiles reflecting purpose and unity. These would soon grace our organization’s social media platforms.


Games and Challenges

Friendly challenges got their equal share of our afternoon. Laughter echoed as we played games such as “Two truths, One lie”, “Match the bottles”, “I am going for a picnic alphabet game” and Blind fold relay games. In these moments, titles and roles blurred—we were simply a team, bound by purpose.


1800 Hours: Wrapping Up

As the clock struck 6 p.m., we gathered our memories, laughter, and picnic remnants. The forest embraced us one last time as each member bid the rest farewell, heading home with hearts full of purpose and unity.

IMG 0868



Our Karura Forest adventure wasn’t just a picnic—it was a day of empowerment, planning, and shared joy. Our commitment remains unwavering.🌳📅

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